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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

VF Corp dividend : 03/20/2017

I got my first dividend from VFCorp (NYSE:VFC). My dividend was $19.67. VFC was an accidental buy. I don't do individual stocks any more. Hence, I will not be reporting this dividend in my regular income stream. My cost basis is $56.96. Effective yield is about 0.71% for Q1. I am not sure if I would still have it for Q2. I am hoping to get rid of it in the next month. Nevertheless, I am happy to get dividends :-)

I use for trading stocks. All my transactions are commission free. Loyal3 allows monthly auto-investment. However, it's stock selection is quite limited.


  1. Always nice getting that first dividend from a new holding even if it was a "mistake." Congrats nevertheless. I'd hold on to this name a while but if it doesn't fit your investing style you know what to do.

  2. I agree DH. I might just end up holding it forever. Nothing set in stone yet.