Dividend Income

Financial independence cannot guarantee long term retirement unless the retirement capital generates enough income. Cash flow is more important then assets. I started tracking dividends since January 2015. I am mostly invested in cheap index funds and ETFs, hence dividends are on quarterly basis.

Check out my dividend portfolio

2019: $624.54
March(Q1) --- $268.34 (IRA: $59.89, Taxable: $208.45)
June(Q2) --- $356.19 (IRA: $61.20, Taxable: $294.99)
September(Q3) ---
December(Q4) ---

2018: $1,560.84
March(Q1) --- $200.56 (IRA: $17.98, Taxable: $182.58)
June(Q2) --- $369.57 (IRA: $25.84, Taxable: $343.73)
September(Q3) --- $356.24 (IRA: $30.61, Taxable: $325.64)
December(Q4) --- $634.46 (IRA: $210.39, Taxable: $424.07)

2017: $578.53
March(Q1) --- $70.32
June(Q2) --- $133.85
September(Q3) --- $146.29
December(Q4) --- $228.07

2016: $149.36
March(Q1) --- $17.84
June(Q2) --- $73.29
September(Q3) --- $13.22
December(Q4) --- $45.01

2015: $135.10
March(Q1) --- $18.78
June(Q2) --- $24.33
September(Q3) --- $38.46
December(Q4) --- $53.53


  1. Wow you really increased from 2016 to 2017! Thats awesome to see!

    I just started my own blog about dividend growth investing and my path to financial freedom.

    If you have a second check it out and let me know what you think!


  2. That is really impressive annual growth rate! Investing in index funds also gives you a nice sector diversification.

    1. Thanks DD. Yes I love the diversification. Even a major drop in market I am not too worried :-)

  3. Keep up the good work! You and I seem to be at about the same level of dividend income right now. Slow and steady wins the race as they say! Also, how has traffic been on your site? How long have you been working on this blog? I really like it and will be checking back frequently to follow your progress.

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