Day Trader

I'm no stranger to the world of investing, having embarked on this journey back in 2011. My initial foray into the investment realm involved day trading, a choice driven by my limited capital at the time, which made it seem like a logical option. I engaged in near-daily or, at most, weekly rotations of my funds, primarily focusing on volatile stocks, especially in the pharmaceutical sector. Initially, I found moderate success in these endeavors.

However, as luck would have it, the tides turned against me. I eventually found myself stuck with a handful of stocks on the verge of imminent failure. In fact, one of them succumbed to bankruptcy by February 2017. My investment strategy relied heavily on stock price volatility to generate substantial returns, but without it, I found myself grappling with plummeting stock values. Looking back, I would strongly advise against this high-risk approach to investing, as the potential pitfalls and losses far outweigh the benefits

Dividend Investor

It was during this period that I stumbled upon the concept of dividend investing. But given the setbacks I had experienced in my prior investment phase, I found myself leaning towards a more risk-averse approach. Consequently, I opted to traverse the path of mutual funds, a choice that not only provided me with a greater sense of security but also allowed for more peaceful nights of sleep.

In my quest for a dependable investment partner, Vanguard emerged as the clear frontrunner. Their reputation for offering some of the most cost-effective index funds in the market resonated with my strategy. I embarked on a journey of diversification, allocating my investments across a spectrum of asset classes, encompassing U.S. stocks, international stocks, and U.S. bonds.

This calculated shift in my investment approach reflects my commitment to preserving capital while pursuing steady, long-term growth. With Vanguard's reliable index funds and a well-diversified portfolio, I've not only reduced risk but also enhanced the prospects of achieving my financial goals with greater peace of mind.


I currently possess only a taxable account, devoid of the substantial balance that some younger individuals may have. At the age of 40, I acknowledge that my saving efforts have not met with significant success thus far. However, I am determined to transform my financial trajectory through the power of dividend investing. This blog will serve as a candid record of my financial journey and a public declaration of my commitment to this endeavor.

My primary goal is to save diligently, striving to set aside as much as possible, and funnel those savings into low-cost mutual funds. Currently, my account balance resides in the lower four-digit range, indicating that I have a considerable distance to cover on this path. I owe a debt of gratitude to the bloggers who have inspired and motivated me to embark on this journey.

Welcome to my financial voyage! I invite you to join me as I work towards financial stability, growth, and a brighter financial future.


  1. Hi,

    sorry for your bad experiences as a day trader. But now I think you took a very solid, maybe somewhat slower, road to success.

    Maybe my new site helps you with this:




    1. Thanks Torsten. I am not planning on trading stocks anytime soon. I will be sticking to ETFs and mutual funds for now. That being said I will definitely check out your website.

  2. Good luck in your journey! I just really got into investing this past year and have set an ambitious goal of investing 1K a month into my taxable account. I'm going with a mix of ETFs and individual stocks. I only invest in stocks I've researched and feel comfortable with while the ETFs are there to help balance out my portfolio.

    I'm excited to track your progress! Cheers to becoming FI!

    1. Thanks mate. Mixing up ETFs and individual stocks is a good idea. Do you have a blog or any other way to catch up on your progress?

  3. Hey seem like you're on the right track, think long term. Although you had a bad experience in day trading don't let that keep you down. Keep up the good work and look forward to see your portfolio grow.

    1. Thanks again Jay. I am playing defense for now with index funds. But, I am also looking for a few buys. Definitely sticking dividend stocks this time around.

  4. Good luck Dividend Geek! It looks like 2018 will be a great year for your portfolio and 2019 will be even better!

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    I'm a big fan of your articles, really like your style and though process.
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