Day Trader

I am not new to investing (been investing since 2011). I started out as a day trader, since my capital was quite limited it made sense. I rotated money almost daily and at most weekly. Had reasonable success investing in fancy (mostly pharmaceuticals) stocks. One fine day my luck ran out. I am ended holding a few stocks which were likely to fail soon (As of Feb 2017 one of them has bankrupted). I needed volatility in stocks to generate decent revenues. Without which I ended up with holding falling knifes. I would not recommend this approach to anyone.

Dividend Investor

That's when I came across the concept of dividend investing. However, considering the losses I had in previous phase I was risk reverse (too much!).So, I decided to go the mutual fund route. I feel safer and sleep better. I chose vanguard as they have some of the cheapest index funds available. I diversified over US stocks, International stocks and US bonds.


All I have is a taxable account. I am 35 (as of Feb 2017), I do not have the balance some of the young kids have. I have not been very successful with saving. I am hoping to change all of this with dividend investing. This blog will act as a source of truth and my commitment to the universe. My objective is to save a lot (as much as possible) and invest in low cost mutual funds.

My balance is in the lower 4 digits. Long way to go. Thanks to all the bloggers who inspired me to this path. Welcome to my journey!


  1. Hi,

    sorry for your bad experiences as a day trader. But now I think you took a very solid, maybe somewhat slower, road to success.

    Maybe my new site helps you with this:




    1. Thanks Torsten. I am not planning on trading stocks anytime soon. I will be sticking to ETFs and mutual funds for now. That being said I will definitely check out your website.

  2. Good luck in your journey! I just really got into investing this past year and have set an ambitious goal of investing 1K a month into my taxable account. I'm going with a mix of ETFs and individual stocks. I only invest in stocks I've researched and feel comfortable with while the ETFs are there to help balance out my portfolio.

    I'm excited to track your progress! Cheers to becoming FI!

    1. Thanks mate. Mixing up ETFs and individual stocks is a good idea. Do you have a blog or any other way to catch up on your progress?

  3. Hey seem like you're on the right track, think long term. Although you had a bad experience in day trading don't let that keep you down. Keep up the good work and look forward to see your portfolio grow.

    1. Thanks again Jay. I am playing defense for now with index funds. But, I am also looking for a few buys. Definitely sticking dividend stocks this time around.

  4. Good luck Dividend Geek! It looks like 2018 will be a great year for your portfolio and 2019 will be even better!

  5. Hi,
    I'm a big fan of your articles, really like your style and though process.
    I’ve created a site with 13 years of fundamental data for U.S. stocks including forecasts, if you have time to check it out it’s called Stockrow. I'd really love to hear your feedback. Thanks!


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