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Day Trader

I am not new to investing (been investing since 2011). I started out as a day trader, since my capital was quite limited it made sense. I rotated money almost daily and at most weekly. Had reasonable success investing in fancy (mostly pharmaceuticals) stocks. One fine day my luck ran out. I am ended holding a few stocks which were likely to fail soon (As of Feb 2017 one of them has bankrupted). I needed volatility in stocks to generate decent revenues. Without which I ended up with holding falling knifes. I would not recommend this approach to anyone.

Dividend Investor

That's when I came across the concept of dividend investing. However, considering the losses I had in previous phase I was risk reverse (too much!).So, I decided to go the mutual fund route. I feel safer and sleep better. I chose vanguard as they have some of the cheapest index funds available. I diversified over US stocks, International stocks and US bonds.


All I have is a taxable account. I am 35 (as of Feb 2017), I do not have the balance some of the young kids have. I have not been very successful with saving. I am hoping to change all of this with dividend investing. This blog will act as a source of truth and my commitment to the universe. My objective is to save a lot (as much as possible) and invest in low cost mutual funds.

My balance is in the lower 4 digits. Long way to go. Thanks to all the bloggers who inspired me to this path. Welcome to my journey!

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    sorry for your bad experiences as a day trader. But now I think you took a very solid, maybe somewhat slower, road to success.

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