Passive Income

It's often stated that the average millionaire benefits from approximately seven distinct income streams. My current endeavor is focused on cultivating passive income from a diverse array of seven sources. Currently, I have successfully established four passive income streams, and my ongoing objective is to expand and diversify by introducing three additional sources.

Diversifying income streams offers financial stability and resilience, reducing reliance on any single source of income. My commitment to this strategy reflects a proactive approach to financial security and long-term prosperity. As I strive to attain the coveted seven sources of passive income, I am poised to enhance my financial position, thereby fortifying my financial independence and achieving greater peace of mind in an ever-changing economic landscape. The pursuit of multiple income streams exemplifies a prudent and forward-thinking financial strategy that aligns with the wisdom of seasoned wealth builders.

#1 Distributions from dividends serve as another valuable stream of passive income. Thanks to my investment strategy centered around indexed ETFs, this income stream requires little active involvement, making it genuinely passive in nature. As I look toward the future, my overarching goal is to elevate dividend income to a prominent position within my portfolio of passive income sources. Over time, I aim to rely more heavily on dividends as a substantial and dependable component of my overall passive income stream, ultimately contributing to financial stability and flexibility in the years to come.

#2 My IRA was established in 2018, making it a relatively recent addition to my passive income sources. I classify the dividends generated from this account as a distinct income stream because I will gain access to them once I reach the age of 59.5, in accordance with retirement account regulations. Currently, I don't have any concrete plans in place to further develop or leverage this income stream. It remains a valuable but separate component of my overall passive income strategy. As I continue to plan and strategize for my financial future, I may explore ways to optimize and maximize the potential of this income stream in the years ahead.

#3 Fundrise serves as a valuable addition to my passive income sources. This real estate investment platform allows me to diversify my portfolio and earn income without active management. Through Fundrise, I invest in a variety of real estate projects, including residential and commercial properties, benefiting from rental income and potential property appreciation. It's a hands-off approach that aligns with my goal of growing my wealth passively. With Fundrise, I have the opportunity to access the real estate market without the responsibilities of being a landlord, making it a valuable asset in my pursuit of financial independence and stability.

#4 I employ Google AdSense as a monetization strategy for my blog. While it hasn't consistently delivered high returns, it does contribute to my passive income stream.


  1. haha nice graph geek, its great to be so diversified.

    Your side hustle seems to be killing it.

    keep it up

    1. Thanks PCI. Your blog was my source of inspiration for diversified sources of income.

    2. just saw this now. Thanks alot man! Glad to help and share my thoughts. Fantastic to hear, makes me feel good.

      keep it up and thanks again

  2. From our childhood we are learning that for earning money we have to do work hard. But there is two type of income.
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    Passive Income
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