Forward Dividends

2018 Dividends

Progress to FI


I am relatively new to dividend investing. I started serious dividend investing in 2015. At the moment my dividend income is painfully low (as compared to my age). I hope to grow it over time. My dividends stale in comparison to some of the dividend stalwarts. If you are relatively new to dividend investing please look me. I would like to share ideas and have friendly challenges.

2017 Goals

  • Generate $500.0 in forward dividends(Achieved: 09/2017)
  • Buy house(Achieved: 06/2017)
  • Generate $750.0 in forward dividends (Achieved: 12/2017)
  • Generate $200.0 in dividends in a single quarter (Achieved: 12/2017)
  • Generate 4,160 vitality points (2,625 points, 63.10%)

2018 Goals
  • Generate $1,500.0 in forward dividends
  • Make two additional mortgage payments
  • Generate $400.0 in dividends in a single quarter
  • Generate 4,160 vitality points
  • Be Financially Independent (FI) by 01/2032

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