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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Project FI

After some thought I have recently switched to Project Fi network. Project Fi is a wireless service from Google. Project Fi automatically connects you to the best available signal, whether that's Wi-Fi or one of our three 4G LTE partner networks. It uses T-mobile, US Cellular & Sprint network. It's obviously a technology demonstrator. Getting CDMA & GSM work together is awesome!

The best thing I liked about Project Fi is that I get credited for the data I don’t use. Unlike AT&T where the date gets rolled over. With Project Fi I only pay for the data that I use. This is important for someone like me, I use data rarely and I want data available on demand. With my previous AT&T plan I purchased a 100 MB plan for 5$, I used 100 MB of it during travel. However, the rest expired after a month. This is one of the primary reasons for shifting to Project Fi.

My previous AT&T plan costed me 27$ inclusive of taxes (unlimited text and talk plan). My new Project Fi plan costs me 35$ (inclusive of taxes). 35$ includes 10$ that i pay for the Nexus phone I purchased (interest free financing). So, over the next two years I will end up paying 8$ more than I payed with my previous plan. That comes out to be about 8X24=192$. When I looked up on Ebay/Amazon the average cost of my phone (used condition) is about 250$. So, I see this is a profitable deal. BTW, my previous phone was IPhone 5, which I have had since 2012. I have been up for a phone upgrade for sometime now. When I add Mrs. DG to my plan, it will cost me extra 15$ (big savings!).

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