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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

VF Corp

Big surprise!. I have recently added VFC.

It goes against my investment philosophy. I have tried out buying individual stocks before and my conclusion was I suck at picking stocks. After that I have been concentrating on holding low cost index funds (boglehead).

However, I did own some VFC @ 66 which I could not sell. For sometime time i have been thinking about doubling down on it to decrease my average price. @ 49 I could not resist. I have added to this position but, I am not planning to make it a part of my regular dividend stream. So, I will not be adding it my portfolio.

On a separate note, I got some success in getting Mrs. DG invested in mutual funds. She is now investing in VFINX . It's a small position, but a good start.


  1. VFC is not a bad stock to hold for the long run. Averaging down on a solid dividend payer like VFC could serve you well down the road. I have held VFC since 2007 and it's been a great performer. Like any "solid" company a stumble is sure to happen every now and then. Doesn't mean it's a bad company or stock or that you should sell. JNJ was in the toilet not long ago with those recalls, Tylenol issues. GE bounced back from the depths of the recession. So did many banks, WFC etc.

    1. Makes sense.It's always good to look for bargains. I don't hate VFC, its just that I am not comfortable holding individual stocks :)