Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dividend Income Update – 2017 Q1

This quarter is very important and special for me. I have been dividend investing since 2015, but it's only the second time that I have been able to consistently save and add to my portfolio. Since, I have already written a post on my dividend income for March 2017, this post is mostly about my Quarter On Quarter (QOQ) performance.

2017 Q1 dividends (Vanguard):

Quarter On Quarter (QOQ):

QuarterDividend% Change
2015 Q1$18.780.0%
2016 Q1$17.84-5.01%
2017 Q1$70.32294.17%
A 300% increase pretty much means that I tripled my net worth. I have been very consistent in my saving and investing since 2016 Q3 (effects already visible in 2016 Q4). Whereas I am very happy with the huge jump in my dividends, I also understand that my starting point was very low. Still a long way to go before my dividends become reasonable in absolute terms.

Dividend Increase (QOQ):

Here is a quick look at the payout was between 2016 Q1 & 2017 Q1. The increase in dividend per share is most welcome.
NameTicker2016 Q12017 Q1% Change
Total Stock Market Index FundVTSMX$0.22200$0.2470011.26%
Total International Stock Index FundVGTSX$0.04400$0.048009.09%
High Dividend Yield Index FundVHDYX$0.18600$0.2070011.29%
Total Bond Market Index FundVBMFX$0.06529$0.0641-1.88%

Dividend split

Forward dividends: 342.38$


  1. Div Geek -

    So sweet. Consistency in investing has really paid off big time this quarter. Keep it up and can't wait to see your Q2 : ) Nice!!


  2. Awesome Div Geek. You are on your way to cracking 3 digits.

    1. Thanks DL. Hopefully, I can reach it by Q3 :)

  3. Stay consistent with you investing. Find something you like long term, ignore the negative comments about your investment choices and stay consistent, consistent, consistent! I don't care if it's funds, stocks, precious metals, real estate, etc. Just keep investing and have that long term outlook because in the near term there will be roller coaster rides. Don't get shaken out. Consistency will enable results like these every month/quarter/year as you grow your asset base and increase your passive income stream.

    1. Thanks Keith for the inspiration. You are the best!