Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vanguard REIT Index Fund (VGSIX)

This fund invests in real estate investment trusts—companies that purchase office buildings, hotels, and other real estate property. REITs have often performed differently than stocks and bonds, so this fund may offer some diversification to a portfolio already made up of stocks and bonds. The fund may distribute dividend income higher than other funds, but it is not without risk. One of the fund’s primary risks is its narrow scope, since it invests solely within the real estate industry and may be more volatile than more broadly diversified stock funds.I have added VGSIX to my portfolio. I have thinking about adding REITs for sometime now. I am planning to keep VGSIX @ 5% of my overall portfolio.

source: Vanguard

All investing is subject to risk, including possible loss of principal.


  1. Nice buy. good way to get exposure to a broad range of REITs. I am looking at buying a couple of healthcare REITs once they become fairly valued.

  2. I'll have to look at this. I've been buying up O on the dips but wouldn't mind a fund.

    1. Awesome! There is an ETF version too (in case you are interested)

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