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Monday, May 22, 2017

New home

If you have noticed I have not be around for sometime. I have been very busy house hunting. Owning a house has been a dream for me. Infact it is a part of my 2017 goals. I threw it in their, knowing very well I might not achieve this goal. But, seems like god had different thoughts.

We had made an offer for a condo and it was accepted. Man! the housing market is hot. I had to go up against 4 different offers.I pulled it off by 605.00 :). Good to know that right after I signed the P&S agreement, there was a an offer which was higher by +5k. I am happy about this purchase. We are still in the process of closing. Still someway to go before I can say mission accomplished.

The positive is the rent I used to pay now goes towards home equity. I had to liquidate some of my investments to come up with the 5% down payment. I have not been able to investment much in May, this might impact my forward dividend growth. More updates to come later :)

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  1. @dividengeek - Congrats on the new home. The fact that there was a higher offer means that you are already ahead on your investment :)