Monday, April 8, 2019

2019 Q1 / (January – March) Dividend Report

I am a little late on my update. Things have been hectic and it’s hard to find free time. I did not meet my investment goal this quarter. On the contrary I sold a portion of my portfolio. There are two major life changes I am expecting this year (expect a post or two in the future). Given the nature of the change I decided to liquidate some of my portfolio. Additionally, during my highflying day-trader days, I had raked up some major losses (pharma). Some of these companies went bankrupt this year. Taking advantage of these losses, I decided to close out few of my profitable positions. I had to expend some of my investment money for moving expenses, repairs and closing costs. However, I was successful in meeting my investment target for my IRA account.

Moving on the numbers, I got $208.45 in dividends in my taxable account. My Roth IRA continues to grow steadily. I received $59.89 in dividends in my Roth IRA. Altogether, I received $268.34 in dividends in 2019 Q1.

As compared to 2018 Q1, I had a 33.80% increase in dividends. This is a stark contrast to the increases I had in 2018 (185.21%) and 2017 (294.17%). The saving grace was My IRA, where I had a 233.09% increase.

Dividends are but one source of my passive income. In addition I generate additional income through Vitality, credit card (cash back), Swagbucks, TopCashBack and raise. I categorize my (Roth) IRA dividends as a separate source as I do not have immediate access to it. As of March 2019, I received $603.97 in passive income.

Side hustles lead the way and accounts for 47.33% of my passive income. Given how tight my schedule is I expect side hustles income to go down as the year progresses. With my new job I no longer have access to the Vitality program. I replaced it with a new entrant i.e. Google AdSense. AdSense contributed about 3.4% of my overall passive income. I don’t expect AdSense to be a heavy hitter anytime soon.

I also sell covered calls on my long term ETF positions to rake in additional interest income. Option income continues to grow and as of March 2019 was 4.82% of my passive income.


  1. nice geek.

    Life happens and so do sales. I just sold a bunch of stocks to buy a new car. We just rebuild.

    Love all the diversity of income sources man. keep it up, look forward to your next post about life in general.
    cheers man

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