Sunday, June 30, 2019

2019 Q2 / (April – June) Dividend Report

I mentioned in my last quarter update that there were some life changes. One of the life changes has been the birth of my son baby DG. It’s an awesome feeling to be a father. He was born small for Gestational Age and had to be constantly monitored for the first 48 hours. He has since gained weight and is healthy. I am happy to grow my family but I also need to look at the financial impacts.

Even with my health insurance, I need to shell out quite a bit for birth related costs. Being first time parents, we ended up going to ER/Pediatrician quite a bit. Those expenses rake up fast as well. Since, I had liquidated a portion of my portfolio I was able to use the proceeds for these expenses. Honestly, I was prepared for these expenses. But, they ended up being much more then what I had planned for. Again, taking advantage of the high market valuations I closed some more of my positions. This had a negative impact on my dividend flow and I barely managed to meet my 2018 Q2 dividends. However, this does not take away the joy of being a father. I love his smile. I am starting to look into a dividend portfolio for baby DG and perhaps a 529? Did you know that the average cost of raising a kid is $234,900.00?.

Dividend Income

I got $294.99 in dividends in my taxable account. I have been assiduously contributing to my Roth IRA account. This is reflected in my ever increasing tax-free dividends. I received $61.20 in dividends in my Roth IRA. Altogether, I received $356.19 in dividends in 2019 Q2.

As compared to 2018 Q2, I had a 3.62% decrease in dividends. I guess this the reality of life. The drop is not as bad as I thought it would. Again, the saving grace was My IRA, which registered a 136.84% increase.

At the half way point, I am at 40% of 2018 dividends. I will consider myself luck if I can reach my 2018 dividends level.

Passive Income

Passive income is no longer my passion. Even though I don’t diligently try to maximize my returns, I still generate a decent amount of income from my side hustles. Some of my side hustles include Vitality, credit card (cash back), Swagbucks, TopCashBack and I categorize my (Roth) IRA dividends as a separate source as I do not have immediate access to it. As of June 2019, I received $1,099.68 in passive income. Reflecting my change in priorities, dividend income leads the way and accounted for 45.78% of my passive income. I still managed a sizable $388.30 from my side hustles. This pales in comparison to my 2018 numbers. AdSense contributed about 2.4% of my overall passive income. I don’t expect AdSense to be a heavy hitter anytime soon. I also sell covered calls on my long term ETF positions to rake in additional interest income. Option income continues to grow steadily and as of June 2019 was 5.45% of my passive income.

That's it folks. Q2 was an amazing quarter for me. How is Q2 shaping up for you?


  1. Nice income - especially on the side hustles....that's one area i've never put any time/effort into...maybe its time to have a look. Currently 100% of my passive income is from dividends.

    All the best!

  2. Nice progress! I bet you'll hit 2018's and beyond!

  3. Love these charts, the income breakdown is extremely helpful. Congrats on the dividend and side hustles income.

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