Thursday, January 2, 2020

2019 Q4 / (September – December) Dividend Report

With the stock market reaching all-time I continued to sell some of my positions to compensate for the losses I accumulated over the years. In my days as day trader I was big on pharmaceutical stocks; I did make some money but also accumulated losses. Pharma stocks are super high risks and if they fail to reach clinical trials it is end of the road.

Nevertheless Q4, is always a good quarter for me as ETF payouts tend to be a lot higher. I have started investing into mutual funds instead of ETF. Vanguard has eliminated the investor share flavor and reduced the initial limit on admiral shares to $3,000.0 from $10,000. The expense ratios are the same for ETF and admiral shares and with the mutual funds I set up auto investing on a bi-weekly basis

In Q4, my taxable account generated $654.56 in dividends. This is a 54.35% increase as compared to 2018 Q4 dividends and the highest dividend I have ever got in any quarter. Similarly, my IRA account generated $239.19 in dividends. This is only 13.69% increase as compared to 2018 Q4. VWELX was the differentiator; I had a huge distribution in 2018 Q4 in the form of long term capital gains. I was not as lucky this time around. Still 13.69% is not bad either and speaks for my success in consistently funding my retirement account. Overall its $893.75 in dividends in Q4 with a 40.87% increase, this is much lesser then the 178.19% increase I managed in 2018.

In terms of diversification, I still stick to mostly US stocks. But, I have been more open to actively managed funds. One of my reasons is that passive indexing is being commoditized and as such the returns could be lower. Actively managed funds provide a nice hedge against this. Secondly, the vanguard actively managed funds are cheap as well. I have also added a new position in the emerging markets index fund.

Putting it all together, in 2019 I raked in $1,939.37 (Taxable: $1,521.58 and $417.79) in dividends. This is a 24.25% increase as compared to 2018.

I have also started a dividend investment account for my son aptly named Baby DG. He raked in $26.09 in dividends in Q4. This is as passive as it can get for him. I have been contributing only for the past 6 months and don’t have any previous baselines to compare against.

My total passive income for 2019 was $2,564.24. I had 6 streams contributing this flow. With my job and new born baby I really don’t have time to side hustle. Almost all the side hustle income has been from either Q1 or Q2. I am not sure how this number would be in 2020. I added baby DG’s dividend as a source as well for tracking purposes. We don’t plan to use any of it and will be reinvesting all of it.

That’s it from me folks. Happy New Year!!


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